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We design open systems for an open society. Perhaps it is an utopia that drives us — a wonderful reason to joyfully seek out the creative experiment every Monday. We create corporate designs, exhibitions, websites and apps, really anything that communicates. These creative processes are led by designers Daniel Cyril Hobein and Felix Boße. Depending on the project and domain, we have a network of talented people supporting us. Together we are: We will love Mondays!

Design is a
process that
we start
with a 
cup of coffee

Workspace of a designer. Two monitors show the draft of a website.
An exhibition space bathed in blue light with several image projections.
Poster at a bus stop for a cultural event.
One hand holding a smartphone with a website.
Yellow poster with bold letters.
Close-up of a book page with texts in Arabic and German.
A photo exhibition — portrait photos on black walls in public space.

Do you like how we
design the world?
Let’s have a coffee