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Felix Boße (*1988 born Felix Riedel) is a designer in the field of visual communication. He lives and works in Cologne, Germany. His body of work comprise a diverse set of corporate designs, websites, apps and exhibitions.
Boße studied communication design at the HAW Hamburg and Exhibition Design at the HSD Dusseldorf. In 2015, he and other creatives founded the non-profit association Cameo Kollektiv where he was an active member until 2019, working on several transcultural projects. In 2020 he crossed over to the Clean Tech scale-up envelio to tackle the energy transition. In 2022 Felix Bosse founded his own design studio We will love Mondays.
A photo exhibition — portrait photos on black walls in public space.
Performance in a museum. Three screens on the left, a dancer filming herself on the right.
Poster at a bus stop for a cultural event.
One hand holding a smartphone with a website.
Model of an exhibition next to a notebook.
An exhibition space bathed in blue light with several image projections.
A logo of the letters B and A staged on a wall.
Workspace of a designer. Two monitors show the draft of a website.

The foundation
of good design
is dialog. How
about a coffee?